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January 31, 2010 Y 3:33 PM

Adeq LOst her Teddy bear !!
 I cannot remember where she misplaced it.
 SHe called and was like..

"KAKAK, where is my teddy bear?"
"Kakak, why didn't you know where i lost it?"
"KAKAK, listen, where my teddy bear?"
 OMG, where siahhh?

sorry arhh adeq, kakak dun know where is it. later ur bdae i buy chipmunk. LOL-NESSS

Im like so caught up with so many things in school, woah.
I mean i dun wanna be bored to death u know.
I love english lesson! It's like, yeah, we have mutiple lesson correcting grammar and all
LIKE, english lesson was never this FUN

LOL to the max!

Y 3:22 PM

So, now, let's bring up the topic on... hmmm

When will people stop thinking that they can't do it?
Is there a limit to everything ?
For example, if a lady were given a man's task, she will immediately reject them. Why?
Because, in her mind, it's the impossible.
Yeah, so the mentality.
Why do people look down on others.
Like, hey, she is fat.
SO? If that girl is fat in your eyes, she may not be in others
Why do human have to be so mean at times?
Why must we laugh at people that trip and fell?
I realised that when we're angry at somebody, we'll pour out all the bad things about her and never the good ones.
Her bad side isn't that BAD , you know. We make it seem so bad, when the fact is it's just a minor thing.

January 24, 2010 Y 5:04 PM


im trying to make time for work, life and all that .
but maybe i'm trying too hard?
I dun know.
then when im starting to feel all messed up, i just realised its too late

Y 5:00 PM

this whole week is like a blast !

i listened in class most of the time ! =)
and i did all the work. but ive been having sleepness nights, thinking and doing homework :(

and i had fun in school especially during CCA, haha

Y 4:58 PM

I finished eating 6 bars of cereal and it feels good to be full, or I'll be damn famished laa

The whole year is FAB!

The sec1 rocks biggo time, I mean a few only la :P
Won't tel you who rocks the most and who i kinda adore for his cute-ness
" Efa, ure SEC4, & u like a SEC1?!" I remembered Syamimi saying that to me

Then I remembered that I have a new English teacher, which till now, I am not sure what's her name..
A new SS teacher, and She ROCKS cause she made us laugh!
and NEW P.E teacher, Mr. Vincent Lim. Gosh, I love his lesson cause WE'RE WROKING OUT !

Math teacher is Ms. Ho, like yeahh!! :) Finally I'm listening in class?!

and many more changes in life.
I am sure that I am going to change for the better !

January 10, 2010 Y 12:09 PM

Let's not wonder how long more we can make it through, for all the time we've spent , it's completely worthless. ~ Jonathan

Why must there be tears all the time ? ~ Jonathan

Don't make me hold on to false hopes ~ Jonathan

Let's forget about u n me ~ Jonathan

January 3, 2010 Y 1:26 PM

Today, iam going to finish up all my hw. starting with F&N, followed by Geog. Favourites first. Lastly, if got time I'l do the LOADS of POA. -.-

Don't want to go out today at all. :( Cya  ppl tmr at school :P

January 2, 2010 Y 7:48 PM

HAHA, let me show u how it's done.

That's my future hubby :D
Name : Jonathan Frederick Togo
Date of birth: 25 August 1977
Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Raised in: Rockland, Massachusetts
Schools: Hebrew school
Graduated: Rockland High School in 1995.
Vassar College, graduating with a BA in Theater.
Mother: Italian and Irish
Father : Ukranian-Jewish,
Jonathan plays: a saxophone and guitar
Played in: a punk rock/ska band called Skabba The Hut .
He maybe non-islam laa, but then again, it's alright to just dream about it right ?
i want my husband... to be tall, not so dark..
& if i want to be in a relationship right now, i want to b fully committed to it, which i am not ready for now..
i want my hubby to be very strict with religion & the alim sortt..
Don't have to earn bigg bucks , he just have to know how to read he Quran and know all sort of stuff about islam...
I dun wann those with tindik here n there.. tattoo... all that mats.. not interested. prefer those grounded kind ..
hahahhhh :)
& must know how to love me tender... sensitive side.. hardworking n tk playboy..


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