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March 28, 2010 Y 7:34 AM

Well, I spent my sunday out :D
I cannot remember what laa.
I think I spent time with Nyssa :D


MOnday, new timetable.
Shit, I hate to start a week with POA!
She scolded us cos we're late for class!
CANNOT HELP it, got SC to do -.-

Monday was overall  a bore.
I had a fight with this friend of mine.
We didnt talk and all. I'll explain in full detail later

Then I was homeeee

Ama didn't come.
Then FNN class, was so piss cos I lost 11feb hardcopy.F mann.
where to find now??!
Then later had some other stuff.
Watch CSI halfway cos so tired.

Y 7:27 AM

FRIDAY was camp!
I woke up supeb early, cos it states there, 7am fall in.
SO  yeah, i reached like at 6.50am.:D
We were slacking most of the time and got scolded most of the time -.-

The sec one came like at 8am.
The sec four were like just looking at the sec one and the sec 3.
Like nothing better to do like that.
Then we had to walk around and observe them carefully...
At 10am, we headed to AP again to do the PYA.
We were dressed in PINK ! It was half-u btw.. -.-
Saw Amalina and Dee, they were on another trip to Sentosa :)
My group managd to finished up the whole stack of papers!
I bought waffles :)

We headed back to school.
HAd lunch, nice packet food while the sec 1 had rations.
They said it wasn't nice, but heck if you're hungry, nasty food turns delicious -.-

Most of the day was spent doing absolute nothing.
Helped Ms wahida to edit some newsletter article ^^
I love the Dinner competition I got to be the camera gal!
I LOVELOVE the night walk, though i didn't go for the night walk it self.
But yeah, it was fun, cos I say so ;)

AT night, we were pumped, badly!
Skip that.
When we were sleeping, there was this HUGE RAT that ran across the canteen!
I was like screaming!!!
THE mam and sir were like 'shhsss' as they tried to catch the rat.

Saturday was alright, we're more involve with the camp.
It ended well i guess.
We headed to KFC, and ate there, cos I need to discuss some things with Syaza and Rahim.
Then spent the whole afternoon talking about Sc and NPCC stuff.
At mac now, cos We were cold, hahah! raining what. -.-

Went home and sleeeeep

Y 7:16 AM

Thursday was a different storyboard.

On thursday, I skipped Chemistry class for NPCC GOH training. :D
So, yeah, we practice on our arm drills and i was amazed how easy baton drills are -.-
Syams came to help us with the training.
& that guy kept shaking his head whenever I did a mistake!
After training, We waited a while in school before heading to fork and spoon
Syams, Iffah And me.
We ordered the same dish, i mean from the same stall :D
THen we joked and all, before raggy came with Shahshah, Hanina and Aisyah.
The three of us left the love birds alone an ran to MRT station! GOD knows how cod it felt!
We singgah at Takoyaki.
Tell u something, it doesn't taste nice :(

We waited for the bus to come, and chatted under the block.
I farted a few times :)

I think I went to nyssa house, for something..

Y 7:09 AM

SO after Tuesday Oral...
We had Chemistry Class again on Wednesday.
I can't remeber all the things I did laa on wednesday.
But i do remember that I did experiments on wednesday.
And coincidentally,
Me and Dear wore the same shirt! I mean SC shirt (yellow)
We were like
*laughing* yeah. -.-

Wednesday, nothing much..
But yeah, I know that I ROCK

Y 7:06 AM

So, what's up?!
Man,, it's been a while since I post something !
Let me start out with my famous 2 days before holiday.
So yeah, we were wasting our precious time doing MPS duties.
Really wasted man!
But overall it was fun :D
Cos we got to eat nice food..
Play with nice people,
Play with the piano
(cos I learnt how to play baby, and that's a talent okay?!)
I went home superb late for both MPS.
Friday, went to AP for PYA
We gave out papers t the people to raise awareness about THEFT.
Some people didnt even bother to look.
SOME, took about 5 seconds to just scan thorugh the article,
maybe cos of the police logo ontop of the article.

I like the fact that the whole WEEk was a stressing one.
COS, my dear parents won't be able to take my report book.
but heck, i failed a subject and they're like SO ANGRY!

SO, i spent my weekedns snoring and relaxing, really :D

March 16, 2010 Y 8:32 PM

So today was so funny!
We had Oral examination and so I met up with Raggy like at 7.15am
We board the bus and reached Dear house exactly at 7.30am (:
She was not even ready for goodness sake!
Raggy went down a while to buy the POP POP from the shop, without knowing that it's not open yet...

When we're in school, skipped the whole assembly thingy,
I was having a really bad stomahache, not because I was dead nervous
But plainly because I had a bad stomachache?!
This Amalina, Syamimi and Rayhan were so evil !
They were making fun of me!
Obviously I was having a bad tummy ache,
and how 'nice' of them to laugh at my expression!
I was so urgh!
My fface was so tensed cause
I know if they were to make me laugh hard, I SWEAR the thing will come out eventually
on its on accord this time.
SO i was trying my best to just CALM DOWN!

MT oral was funnny siah!
Mdm Ruhaizah kept nodding and I was like
" cikgu jgn nod arh, buat saya cemas"
Something like that laa! hahhaha! SO funny!!

Then we had our English Oral and I was the 2nd last in my group

Then F&N extra class

SO we were basically doing the DRAMA, the
" don't go! Come back" thingy.
So funny! we were laughing like nobody's buis!
We even ran around the computer lab,
COS WE ARE COOL PEOPLE! hahhahahahha!
Then that gal was like, you know trying her best to act but end up laughing and laughing!?

We had a short discussion with Mr. Teo
& then we head to KFC/MAC to eat
HAH! We were just having a great time, laughing and laughing!
THEN, we went to 7 eleven.
she wanted to buy Mochi, and so we went to the two different 7 eleven,
and she kept changing her mind
Then I saw policeman in the 7 eleven
So when we went out , I asked her
" did you see the policeman?"
Amalina replied with her blur expression
" huh?"
So we entered again, pretending to check for something. AND SHE STILL CNNT SEE THE POLICE!
i have to like ask her to turn right like so many times!


like its funny hw DEAR means so much to me (:

Didnt know friendship can bloom this FAST and
It smells GOOD (:
I wanted the SC investiture to be flowery :)
COs suddenly, I ove flowers (:

March 15, 2010 Y 5:56 PM

Okay, so today.
I woked up like at 8.30am and was so mad cos the toilet is unavailable!
I waited so long for my auntie to come out.
Then mum cooked daging rusuk kari! SO DELICIOUS!
hahha, i was like, hmmm, nice! She even fried some chicken wings and drumsticks!
I waited for Raggy like so long laa. she was like, i don't know what she doing in her house!
So we board the bus to school and picked Amalina from her house.
We even had time to got to the shop and browse ,
and that gal's not ready yet!
I took my time choosing the item okay!
Slow gal =D

In school, we had chemistry class.
It was funny cos I was so scared of fire suddenly.
Hehee, do you know that lead 2 chloride is soluble in hot water?

I had my MPS with mdm Arifah.
She asked me,
" how did you spend your weekends?"
I answered her bluntly,
" I watch hindustan from 12.30 to 7pm."
my dad just laughed and looked at my report card.
HAHAHA! For real man!
the whole week, I had absolutely no time to watch TV.
And saturday's the only day!
And Of cos, i spend most of my tiime going out as well (:

I showed dad my name (it was on the glass)
and he was like
" why is your name there? "
i answered
" cos i am the president?"
he replied:
" so? why must your name be there?"

Then during the MPS session,
Mdm Arifah said she would separate me from Amalina!
I was so dumbfounded.
Really, I can't even imagine it.
So i kept quiet la
Like, shit!
I ahve to come up with a plan so that we will not be separated!!!!!

Then got SC meeting
So saket kepala thinking of the SC.

March 14, 2010 Y 11:40 PM

It's so random today
I went to religious class and we're having dicussion on the dead sea
I was so shocked when the Ustaz said about the history
Like, for real?
When he said about God turning the land upside down,
I was speechless
Cos it was like a warning for the people regards to homosexuality
It started in Jordan! YIKES!
No wonder many homosexual movies came from there
(don't ask me how I know, I just happen to know)
But you know what makes me puzzled?
Jordan was and still is an Islam country! And how can homosexuality happens?
So, after that...
I was home and spent my whole afternoon sleeping
I watched transformer, which really made me go, urg!
COS, i should have watched it long time ago!
Didn't know it was GOOD!

so now, i was looking through the net about the dead sea
and i came across jordan official site
so, i was browsing through the attractive places in Jordan,
and indeed its amazing
I wanna go Jordan some day

March 13, 2010 Y 10:03 AM

Well, what a shocking news!
Obviously I won't tell what happened just then when I entered my FB page :P
SO anyway...

Yesterday was such a great day :)
Unfortunately I SWEAR i can't remember what happened!

I failed my english ! SO sad seyh!

I can't wait to blog!

So today was such a fun day, like really fun!
I woke up early cos i know i need to release some bowels.
Had breakfast, then I'm off to school.
Nyssa wasn't really in a good mood.
Once in school, I went for duty, like normal.
We( Amalina's and I ) went to class
And this funny gal was cracking joke all the way to cheer Asyraf up :)
Ader ke patot, dah setengah jln pat tangga, dier suroh kite sumer stop?!
Rupeernyer dier nk blg yang kiter sumer step same ?!
Kite empat ketawe mcm tk kenal dunia!

So , Mr Lim didn't come today.
I tried doing MT hwk, but failed as usual.
Tell me how to do with that gal beside me?!
Anw, we were laughing about something.. and she was like
" Remind me about the thing cos i wan to blog about it"
In the end we forgot.
Math was funny!
Me :
Teacher, I lost my emath notebook. But I'll recopy all later.
I don't know where I placed it.

IN Chemistry class, while searching for some papers in Amalina's bag,
I saw my Emath note book.
I took it out slowly and showed it to her.
She laughed non-stop!

In Fnn Class, I was doing my coursework and all, you know (:
Then I wanted to show Amalina something on internet.
She came over and saw it, and yeah, I told her to go away.
I mean, okay, go away...
She refused! So i pushed her tummy.
and said " Go away"
But that gal kept coming back.
She told me it was fun when I kept pushing her tummy.
She even asked me to keep doing it.


March 3, 2010 Y 11:48 PM

kay laa, can't remember a single thing

What happen? Ouh, yeah, I can't remember
But I can remember what happened at night!
I watched TV from 7.30pm to 12midnight
I watched Nenek Kebaya on TV3( id on't know it's a ULANGAN), then the news
Then Hooray! Hooray! Where Zulhairi was in with his family! SO fuuny la they!
Then Watched Hotel Mania on TV3,
So funny siah! The hotel manager so mean and flirt with the security guard. It's like HSM but malay version and they're working not in High School. But it was two Thumbs UP! :D
I watched CSI MIAMI, wahh :)
My hubby very hot! THe Mafia very scary lorh
Thne cOntinue with CSI


BTW the guy standing in front is superb hot


Y 11:21 PM

Sunday was like YEAH!
Dad kept calling me,
" Where are you?! I don't care. You better reach Sun Plaza in 15 minutes time"
I'm like
"Ah! WAit!"
So, I was dressed so casual cos I was from masjid mah
So when I reached Sun Plaza, I realised I didn't bring specs!
And so my mood was like.... ERK< !
Cos I don't have my Ipod, My watch, my specs, my money!!
So, i was giving him that
"Don't talk to me " look.
Then he said,
"eh, you go rush home and get your specs! I gove you 10 minutes"
My mum as like,
"ISHH, budak ni!"
My granny was shaking her head. I laughed!
REached home, go change and grab whatever
Meet up with nyssa, cos she's following.
We were joking about some stuffs in the MRT.
Dad kept pushing me with his elbow.
If he doesn't realise, his elbow is well, sharp!

We reached Sentosa... YADA YADA...
So mesmerize when we were in the monorail! HAHA
Granny saw merlion for the first time in Sentosa
I told her " Nek! Tengok ade merlion"
My dad added
" Looks just like you"
Kaypoh laa he!

We went to Underwater world!
So funny laa!
We found a shady place and sat to eat
Mum cooked maggie, cos so last minute she didn't manage to buy anything at all.
So we ate and all.
Then got peacocks everywhere.
Nyssa was obviously scared.
So funny siah
We bought the tickets and entered. So excited!
I wann meet my dugong again
But forst we went to the dolphin lagoon.
AHHA! Dolphins are such an incredible creature!
Then we saw lots of fishes! EXcited!!!

Go sentosa GO!

Y 11:08 PM

Had a blast today, as in really, a blast!
I was basically in my own world.

Before that, I would like to talk about the whole week

So, during the weekend,
I was doing some cool stuffs.
Saturday, I went to... I can't remember at all.
I had a small quarrel with Nyssa, cause we were supposed to go to Masjid An-Nur for our class and I had to cancel it last minute, COS I'm going to Sentosa la!
My parents la, so random.
Last night, my dad was like
" Okay, let's go Sentosa tomorrow"
I was like " But I got class and project"
& U know what he replied me?
" You better come along cos I have no idea how to get there"
LIKE dotz

So, we quarrel over the phone and we we shouting at each other.
So paiseyh cause I was at NTUC, and I'm screaming like mad at her.
Thank god there wasn't a crowd cause the day is still very young.
We met, cause somehow or another we have to come to a conclusion
First it was awkward
Then we started talking like normal,
it didn't feel like we're in a quarrel before.
We went to Masjid AN-nur la, go get some receipt.
When we're done, we took the bus 856.
She don't have change so we were panic!
We dashed across the busy road and bought something in 7 Eleven.
And dashed back,

March 1, 2010 Y 8:02 PM

I am planning to move to tumblr.
Or at least, more active in tumblr.
But do you think it's worth the move?
I really do like blogspt,
more than live journal and wordpress
Well, I can't even handle one blog,
HOW am i suppose to handle 2?!
Great, maybe I'll still blog in both the blogs.
Maybe ..

Or I could use other alternatives..

I can use tumblr to post some sort of thingy about my say, my world

and use blogspot to post my daily activity and my plans and all,
my outings and all
I kinda like tumblr cos it's cool
just like me :D

Y 12:08 AM

When I saw my baby today, I wasn't happy


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