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May 20, 2010 Y 11:47 AM

sorry for not able to post any thing lately. been very busy! hahah!
okay, my MYe results were fantastic, in a way...
hahah, guess what? FNN, E8 laa! wahh!
yesterday went for the OARS award thingy, and yes, it was fantasticcc cos the food, and the peoplee!
met with lots of hot peopleee~ for example from the Singapore Sports School! hahahah!
I wassss so excitedd broo!

and yes, coming back to MYE results, OMG
i don't know. i think i studied, a bit, but tnot that much, but i think its better though to study right now, and ace the test NOW, then failing O level!
HAHA! I failed my Emath paper 1 but I passed my Emath Paper 2 though, ironicc sey!
How can i fail the so called 'easier paper' and pass the so called 'difficult' paper?

lately been watching lots of drama on TV. and yes, of course, all time fav. CSI :D
there's Syah Jihan, and i mean, wth?! where's ADAMAYA!?
What happen?! there's sayang pedoman? or something?! I don't know!?
and yes, i love the worlddd!! Merlin is rockingggg.
AS ALWAYSSS, Malay showsss! i watched Ibu Mertuaku! hahahahha!

May 18, 2010 Y 1:38 PM

welcome homeee

Y 1:24 PM

HELLO, i am Efa, and im so stressed!
I failed Fnn and Maths.
Thanks! :(


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