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August 28, 2010 Y 6:23 PM

im so done with F&N :D
great, now all i have to do is focus on prelims, and also O level.
guess what? Prelims in 2 days time!
English paper 1 and SS

good luck~

okay, next time yaw:)

August 15, 2010 Y 1:15 PM

i've got the magic in me ~

Y 1:06 PM

dah dah, efa ah block kedua-dua manusia tu :)
anyway anyway, today sunday
bestie ajak gy tampinese and buke outside with kak Fyzah (Y)
tetapi, i can't follow, cos tomorrow im having O level Oral exam, need practice.
and not in good mood to go out or something.
later takot when we outside we fight or something cos i can tick very easily nowadays.
hehe, sorry to bestie about the incident at Geylang on tuesday night. :(
hahah, yesterday she called and asked me to buy marshmallow for her.
so we ate marshmallow with nutella outside her house :)
then insyirah came and asked for one, haha!
end up, we threw the leftovers, cos very full.
last night i dreamt of something very stupid and stupid.
when i woke up, i really thought it wasnt a dream. then received a msg from dear, and i heaved a sigh of relieved, cos seriously i thought it would be the other way round.
i was so scared in my dream. -.-
i am reading this book by paulo coelho,
and decided to stop reading cos its about christianity, catholics stuff and spiritual thingy.
i lost interest at that instant.

i just want to lay in my bed, completely oblivious of my surroundings, and absorbing the whole situation.
i am restless now,
yesterday was spent at RP with Sofia and Danial, doing work, and i spent most of the time on Physics TYS
(see, Ms Aini, i am doing your work)
then dear joined us, and end up we started talking about kiamat and dajjal.
it was a very serious discussion and we corrected one another misconsception.
LOL, then home and break fast with family for the first time cos the whole week, they work mah.
and in the morning, in school doing class filming, it was hilarious.


August 10, 2010 Y 12:53 AM

even if i try so hard to make it seemed as though nothing really happened, i think i was pushing myself to far. i dont know what went wrong, or even where it started. i just want to cry, and cry some more, until no more tears shed, and no more painfull memories to share.
i keep revisting my past, wondering why had i done that, and why not that? shit, i am losing myself, and i wish i know why.
the words kept ringing in my head ' cause when you have your moodswings, you dont really care about who you're actually hurting'
i makes me feel shit. i can't trust her anymore. because i just realised i can't trust someone who knows about my weakness and uses it against me, to break me down so badly. and there she is doing it to me. it feels shit. thanks so much.. i shouldnt have trusted you in the first place, cos u make me feel shit about myself. and i didnt believe i was stupid ebough to land myself in this trouble.
i regretted trusting you so much, and now u use that weakness of mine to shatter myself? thanks

Y 12:12 AM

this whole week was stupid, cos i ahve no access to internet at all, cos im such a poor gal, with nothing, and i cant even get a decent computer at home to do my fnn coursework, and so im just wayyyy behind. and i dont care. im so angryyy!
sonore was not good, it sucks, i didnt enjoy much of it except the malay dance part and contemp part cos dancers are cool people with self-respect towards fine arts and well, overall arts. so rock on to dancers, as i ahve always looked up to them for being so flawless and effortlessly amazing. they really rock, more than rockers ! :D
okay, anyway, sonore's morning was filled with empty and free periods, so i just sit back and do some work. while friends around me get tensed and silent, i tried talking but it wont work. i feel something is wrong between us, but i dont want to qn it anymore, cos i have given up. i think. define that term first.
anyway, anyway. after school, i accompanied nyssa to rebond her hair and all sort. reached there and all shit. bored to death, lost appetitde, lost mood, cranky old self back after years kicking it away-.- bloody idiot.
wednesday, i rmbr that it was shit cos i think my life is a bore.
anyway friday was funnnnnnyyyyy
cos aft boring celebration in school, i lepak with nyssa, qikaa, and hid ^^ funnnnyyy, cos funnnnnyyyy.
for so long, i finally lepak at carpark. ahhahahaha! lamer giler tk buat gitu.
nyssa slept, i slept, hid and qikaa talked. i woke up, said 'lets play truth or dare' and we're like, lets do it.
anddddd funnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
so many stupid things! and went home, and chill. saturday came, went for bdae party.
sunday came, and was not in any mood, read bookkkksss, and realised i lost my school skirt.
and nyssa slept over, and i farted in the morning.
then monday , today go kubor.
yeash, and now i think i know why people die, bcos god loves them so much more and wanted to save them from getting into more trouble or doubling their sins :)
insyirah cutie is beside me, eating grapes, and she is adorable. jsut now she mimicked her atok sholat. funny 2yrs old gal

August 9, 2010 Y 11:49 PM

first, i dont like pink, i never like it anyway, i think i did try. i like red and purple. i bought a pink watch, cos the white one is too ugly. :) i dont like people who likes to disturb me when all i wanted was a little space and privacy. i want things to go my way.  i want big cras, big house, big dreams. and dont even start talking about stupid things. and now, i want to say "i have lost it.

August 3, 2010 Y 2:57 PM

its so weird, when stupid idiots comment on your photo just because he aint happy with your spelling -.-
seriously man, the word 'color' can create so much fuss and disturbance!
wise up young man!
yesterday, i on the radio, i always do anyway. mum dah bising, cos i on the radio every night before going to bed, and yeah, until the next morning. -.-
my room is too silent, and i need some sort of noise or something, so yeah ^^
and yeah, katy perry coming to SPORE for SINGFEST! tsk, i wish i am rich enough to buy those tickets :(
haha, i love her so much lah ! :)
anyway, yesterday, i had a great time in school doing f&n, cos its CWB kan? and yeah , we're so gila2, cos we had to hand in like at 7pm?!
tak cool yer?
and i paste the photos anyhow one. i forgot that i had to re-print a photograph!
i rushed home yestrday aft class, to grab my photos at home. dear and syg followed me ^^
and yeah, i sempat makan seyh. and we went to sun plaza and buy old chang ke, and some cheese hotdog ^^
sampai school, so late! and we edit the coursework.
after that i went to cwp lurh.
and reached home like 9.30pm, mum belum sampai lagy ^^
okay, anyway.
i stayed up like about 11.45pm last nite, ingat nak tengok 90210, but... cannot angkat anymore.
TONIGHT ~ mentalist ^^ love love. CSI miami no more, but CSI still got ^^ can watch until 1am tonight, cos dah buat all homework over the weekends ^^ good girl.
saya excited untuk sonore. because, funnyyyyy! HAHA

August 2, 2010 Y 7:31 PM

FNN cwb due today! nice! 6pm due siah! shit shit! -.-
i did mine just now, now lepaking. later gg to cwp with dear, to buy her sonore shoes ^^
and then i want go home do POA, and revise on geography.
today funny ^^ cos we all so rushy! we so scared tcher say, cannt print anymore. oaky ltr!^^


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