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November 18, 2010 Y 12:34 PM

let's forget about everything that ever happened. the constant fights, screaming, hurt and agony.
let's forget it all.
lets forget about us

September 24, 2010 Y 6:45 PM

i am very busy with studies nowadays.
and spending time with buddies.
i cant help but to tell you this.
i've watched the resident evil new movie in3D, and it awesome.
Even, Devil with Bacen and Kak Fizah and The house of Horrorr with Amalina.
Hari raya days were so long gone man.
look at the pile of work i have yet to complete!
my prelim results sucks big time.
I failed F&N, E8.
Terrible rigghtt? Cos i didnt memorised anything important like Key ingredients for Cake-making and all.
the only A's was MT and that was O level result.
POA and Combined Humanities both B4, the rest are C5.
surprise, surprise! -.-
the 5 Polythenics have arrived in my school.
i was keen in TP, definitely, especially witht this new course, food and beverages.
^^ maybe i'll open a F&B outlet, get my dad into the business, since his interest is cooking.
then kabooom! MOve to Wales, get a psychology degree, and work there with that degree in hand.
I think i'll let my dad handle the restaurant.
Maybe by then I'll force him to marry some hot chick in Wales :)
and Kak Ela and Bang Man will move to Indonesia, and live there forever.
I'll bring my father along with me to Wales of course.
cheyyy, berangan jauhhh seyyy
and maybe find A HUSBAND.
I think i must plan my future now, hehee.
today i came to school wondering what is Rabiah's fav choco and snacks.
tomorrow gonna be a long day.
i am going to do rev all day before going to mum's place for a night there.
and sunday, back home, i'll get some rest or read some things.
then go study with rabiah.
apparently amalina got hari raya OUTINGS with family :)

Maybe now i'll get some reading done.

oh, btw, i still strongly think hellogoodbye song ' here in your arms' rule.
and paris hilton isnt that bad, altho a bimbo, i adore her to max
and alicia keys songs really realllllly goood :D
and dont mention anout the types of cars i want.
i think i'll go for the audi.


August 28, 2010 Y 6:23 PM

im so done with F&N :D
great, now all i have to do is focus on prelims, and also O level.
guess what? Prelims in 2 days time!
English paper 1 and SS

good luck~

okay, next time yaw:)

August 15, 2010 Y 1:15 PM

i've got the magic in me ~

Y 1:06 PM

dah dah, efa ah block kedua-dua manusia tu :)
anyway anyway, today sunday
bestie ajak gy tampinese and buke outside with kak Fyzah (Y)
tetapi, i can't follow, cos tomorrow im having O level Oral exam, need practice.
and not in good mood to go out or something.
later takot when we outside we fight or something cos i can tick very easily nowadays.
hehe, sorry to bestie about the incident at Geylang on tuesday night. :(
hahah, yesterday she called and asked me to buy marshmallow for her.
so we ate marshmallow with nutella outside her house :)
then insyirah came and asked for one, haha!
end up, we threw the leftovers, cos very full.
last night i dreamt of something very stupid and stupid.
when i woke up, i really thought it wasnt a dream. then received a msg from dear, and i heaved a sigh of relieved, cos seriously i thought it would be the other way round.
i was so scared in my dream. -.-
i am reading this book by paulo coelho,
and decided to stop reading cos its about christianity, catholics stuff and spiritual thingy.
i lost interest at that instant.

i just want to lay in my bed, completely oblivious of my surroundings, and absorbing the whole situation.
i am restless now,
yesterday was spent at RP with Sofia and Danial, doing work, and i spent most of the time on Physics TYS
(see, Ms Aini, i am doing your work)
then dear joined us, and end up we started talking about kiamat and dajjal.
it was a very serious discussion and we corrected one another misconsception.
LOL, then home and break fast with family for the first time cos the whole week, they work mah.
and in the morning, in school doing class filming, it was hilarious.



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